Dada Massa and the Slate Political Gabfest

David Plotz made this great [paraphrased] comment (aside: I’m not Plotz’s biggest fan) on Slate’s Political Gabfest about the sad tale of Eric Massa especially as concerns his interviews with Glenn Beck and Larry King.

Large electoral sweeps [Democrats in 1974, Republicans in 1994, Democrats again in 2008] tend to bring a lot of lunatics along with others. [Eric] Massa is ‘the weirdest of the weird’ from the 2008 Democratic Sweep.

Heh. Too true.

BTW, IMNSHO, their podcast is well worth following


The lovely Audrey picked up a Behringer “get started” Podcastudio™ package on sale at Amazon which we have been playing with. Where will this lead? Who knows.

The worst part is that those microphones make recordings that sound just like your own voice. I worry that this is going to be just like Photoshop, which comes without the ‘talent’ module. I’ve looked all through the GarageBand docs and I can’t find the “Sam Waterson/Peter Coyote” voice toggle. Sigh. Not again…