Las Vegas weatherman fired after on-air racial slur

No comment, except, ‘idiot.’

Las Vegas weatherman fired after on-air racial slur
KTNV-TV, Channel 13, fired weekend weather anchor Rob Blair on Sunday, a day after he made an on-air racial slur about Martin Luther King Jr.

Jim Prather, vice president and general manager of KTNV, said Blair “stumbled” during a weather update at 7:55 a.m. Saturday but added that “this kind of incident is not acceptable under any circumstances, and I’m truly sorry that this event occurred.”

Blair was delivering the extended forecast when he said, “For tomorrow, 60 degrees, Martin Luther Coon King Jr. Day, gonna see some temperatures in the mid-60s.”

About 20 minutes later, Blair told viewers at the ABC affiliate, “Apparently I accidentally said Martin Luther Kong Jr., which I apologize about – slip of the tongue.”

He offered a full apology during Saturday’s 6 p.m. and 11 p.m. newscasts.

At 6:11 p.m., co-anchor Christina Brown, who is black, announced, “Right now we want to pause for a program note. Rob?”

Blair, seated at the news desk with co-anchors Brown and Shawn Boyd, said, “On a weather report earlier this morning, I made an accidental slip of the tongue when talking about the Martin Luther King holiday, and what I said was interpreted by many viewers as highly offensive. For that I offer my deepest apology. I in no way intended to offend anyone. I’m very sorry.”

Evolution and Those Who Prefer Not to Evolve

via wood s lot, comes this from American Samizdat:

From Gallup: “Only about a third of Americans believe that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution is a scientific theory that has been well supported by the evidence, while just as many say that it is just one of many theories and has not been supported by the evidence. The rest say they don’t know enough to say. Forty-five percent of Americans also believe that God created human beings pretty much in their present form about 10,000 years ago. A third of Americans are biblical literalists who believe that the Bible is the actual word of God and is to be taken literally, word for word.”

If you are inspired to change these sad statistics, here’s a tool box for you: Talk Origins, Skeptics Annotated Bible, Raving Atheist, Religious News Blog, American Samizdat, Internet Infidels, God is for Suckers, James Randi Educational Foundation, Free Inquiry, Freedom From Religion Foundation, Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. This atheist hopes to see you down here in the foxholes soon, tovarish.

Universe’s 6,000th birthday …

via Eliot at Follow Me Here…:

“Britain’s geologists are about to celebrate the fact that the universe is exactly 6,000 years old.

At 6pm tonight at the Geological Society of London, scientists will raise their glasses to James Ussher, Archbishop of Armagh (below), who in 1650 used the chronology of the Bible to calculate the precise date and moment of creation.

Working from the book of Genesis, and risking some speculation on the Hebrew calendar, he calculated that it began at 6pm on Saturday October 22, 4004 BC.

Actually, he put the date at October 23, and then pedantically realised that time must have begun the night before, because the Bible said that ‘the evening and the morning were the first day.’ ” (Guardian.UK)


STS-99 is wrapping up the mapping mission from space with Endeavour‚s crew scheduled to wrap up operations early Monday morning at 5:53 Central Time. As of noon today, 99 percent, or about 47 million square miles of the target area had been mapped once. More than 87 percent of the target area – nearly 42 million square miles – has been mapped twice. Read more at CNN, or from NASA.

And now for something completely different: Warren Zevon has a new CD out called Life’ll Kill Ya. He’ll be at the House of Blues in Las Vegas on March 25. I’ll you there. Obligatory list of Zevon links: The Official Warren Zevon Website!, The Zevon Fan Web Page, The Warren Zevon Other Page, A Zevon Page, Warren Zevon. Lyric snippet from Ain’t That Pretty at All, from the 1982 album The Envoy. Its one of my favorite songs, best sung with sufficient enthusiasm that your voice that will hoarse for the rest of the week:

I’d like to go back to Paris someday and visit the Louvre Museum
Get a good running start and hurl myself at the wall
Going to hurl myself against the wall
‘Cause I’d rather feel bad than not feel anything at all…

BBC News: Most distant object in Universe found. A newly discovered quasar deep in the constellation Cetus the Whale is by far the most distant single object ever found in our Universe.

“As soon as we saw the spectrum, we knew we had something special,” said Dr. Daniel Stern of Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “Quasars can look very much like stars, but a spectral analysis of a quasar’s light reveals its true character. This quasar told us that it was ‘An Ancient’ – one of the Universe’s first structures.”

NYT: Detection Claimed for Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs) by the University of Rome. "The claimed particles weigh as much as a nickel atom, and could turn out to be the dark matter that astrophysicists have sought for so many years. All you touch and all you see may be only 20% of the universe" (slashdot). The full story is here (registration req.). slashdot, where I first saw this and the previous story, also pointed me to the TBTF Log (Tasty Bits from the Technology Front) for further discussion on the subject. Currently, discussion is about the search for the missing mass. The main link to the TBTF blog is here. Yet another excellent blog!

I saw this in the February 16

Scary article from Fortune magazine about Abercrombie & Fitch. Some lowlights:

“The beautiful people don’t do much…greeters get minimum wage to have fun — to listen to Smash Mouth, to be carefree and breezy, to radiate charm. Why? Cool, great-looking guys attract cool, great-looking girls, who attract…”

“During peak selling periods like Christmas, other workers–less cool and less good-looking–come in after hours to do the grunt work of counting inventory, restacking tables, and unpacking boxes, lest these mundane chores get in the way of the beautiful people radiating a good time. ‘They’re not here to fold clothes or to make money,’ says director of stores David Leino about his hip helpers. ‘It’s a status thing. They can say, “I work at Abercrombie.””

And people wonder why Columbine happened.”

I think that just about speaks for itself.

Greg Knauss in the February 15 suck has some excellent comments about last weeks DoS (Denial of Service) attacks. Perhaps the best I’ve seen. As though you’re not sick and tired of hearing about DoS attacks. Also first seen at

From Marc Stiegler Introduction To Capability Based Security.

We who use the Web are daily bombarded with warnings about viruses, computer breakins, and other ills that befall those foolish enough to communicate electronically. Reading the news media, one would conclude that all our computer systems are horrifically vulnerable to computer [c]rackers … That much is indeed true; we are all so vulnerable today it is more a joke than a question. But reading the media would also lead one to conclude that, not only is that the way it is, but that is the way it must always be, forever.

It does not have to be this way. The technology for defeating computer hacking was actually developed decades ago, by men and women of great insight working with mainframe computers. … However, in the rush to the PC, the knowledge was forsaken.

It’s still there in Un*x and the variants! Here’s a quarter kid, get yourself a real computer. I first saw a pointer to this at Hack the Planet Prime.


Apple now has its own Web page describing Linux, the distributions available for PowerPC Macs, and links to them. from MacNN

Clone yourself for $200K? A UFO cult apparently is creating a company to clone people. They believe that humans are alien clones. Have a look for yourself at Is this science, humor or web-based performance art? seen on slashdot.

Geek Chicks: Second thoughts – an editorial from Skud at freshmeat. There needs to be more geek women, women in science, women in technical fields. There are probably more than I think, I suspect that I don’t tend to see them because they’re better adjusted.


Apple Open Transport 2.6 update for all users of OS 9 & some 8.6 users (G4, slot loading Macs, and newest PBs), it addresses those pesky DHCP & Denial of Service issues. The download is a 1.1M image file.

Not much of note today. I still seem to have some sort of crud and feel pretty listless. Plus, I’m fighting to get the HP 6MP to talk to both the iMac and 3400 over Ethernet using an Asanté AsantéTalk Ethernet to LocalTalk bridge. Another aspect of computers I’ve not paid attention to that is now biting me on the hinder. But hey, that iMac is niiiice.

Later: It looks like the problem is outside the home network as everything works perfectly if you disconnect the cable modem. I’ll make another call tomorrow! BTW, Asanté‘s tech support is excellent. They have my vote!

From all over:

Clinton re-nominated Alan Greenspan to head the Federal Reserve Board. George Bush (the former prez, not his son) did one thing very, very right when he nominated Greenspan in 1988.

at Salon: Brilliant Careers – Charles Schulz, the first postmodern cartoonist.

sigh. The last daily Peanuts strip

at slashdot: from the Uri Geller bureau at IGN’s Sci-Fi Network Psychic vs. Pikachu: Real-life spoonbender wants to sue Nintendo over psychic snafu.

The case he’s making is that Nintendo is using his image without permission as a Pokemon monster. Namely, Alakazam, Pokemon #65. Although the resemblance is unclear to us in America, in Japan, #65 is called “Un-Geller,” which makes the case a little clearer. Also, since Alakazam carries bent spoons in his hands, Geller felt the reference was too specific.

from MSNBC: The definitive Top 10 gadget list of all time, You may not agree with their choices.

Bruce Sterling has released the The Manifesto of January 3, 2000.

We need a sense of revived possibility, of genuine creative potential, of unfeigned joie de vivre. We have a new economy, but we have no new intelligentsia. We have massive flows of information and capital, but we have a grave scarcity of meaning. We know what we can buy, but we don´t know what we want.

That’s it for now …