What the Fsck is This About?

What the hell is going on with ‘Rape Culture’ and the so called Men’s Rights Movement? How much of the misogyny directed at Hillary Clinton and other powerful women by ‘Bernie Bros.’ or other ‘haters’ and detractors is anything other than generalized hatred of women?

Men, if we disagree, we must voice our condemnation.

Professor Gates v. Sgt. Crowley

[Update I:]

Gatesgate. Digby expresses herself on this much better than I can.

This is all in my ‘not so humble opinion.’
I just posted this on Facebook:

Sgt. James Crowley refuses to apologize to distinguished Professor Henry Louis Gates for arresting him at his home without probable cause. The Mayor has issued an apology, but the arresting officer and instigator refuses to recognize his fault.

Some background: I have lived in Las Vegas, NV since 1985. My first ‘big city.’ Prior to that, I went to college in Kansas and lived in rural Oregon and Arizona while working as an archaeologist.

I do not know how may of you have ever been ‘abused’ by the police, but I have had my wrist forced up between my shoulder blades, multiple times, had my day pack emptied on the ground, had my briefcase contents unceremoniously dumped onto a parking lot, had 2-liter bottles of soda poured out – though I have never been charged, never been told what I was suspected of
, and never been given an apology afterwards. Even an, “Oops, we made a mistake.” This is while I was thin, not so thin, with a shaved head, while very hairy, on the UNLV campus, on the DRI campus, riding a bicycle on campus, while driving a white pick-up truck in the suburbs.

One thing we forget is that our Police Departments have been given a mandate to fight an undeclared war against an enemy that only they can see. Because of the ‘War on Drugs’ and now the ‘War on Terrorism,’ the mandate to ‘protect’ us, – and lacking an exterior adversary, apparently from ourselves – is fully operational.

You *are* guilty until proven innocent. To pretend otherwise is to be, …, naive. Their mandate is to uncover the hidden menace. I am unsure how to pass this along to my 7 year old who I have taught to think, “policemen are my friends!” Until you’re about 11, buddy. (This breaks my heart.)

I know that Sgt.Crowley has been trained to *diffuse* antagonistic situations, Even if the perp is *wrong* and the officer has chosen to not follow that procedure, even after proper ID was provided and the situation was diffused. He chose to be aggrieved and offended. He let his ego get in the way.

I know we recruit from the human race, but we ask for a higher calling and Sgt. Crowley accepted that.

In my opinion, you *do* have a problem, Sgt, Crowley. “”That apology will never come from me as Jim Crowley, it won’t come from me as sergeant in the Cambridge Police Department,” Sgt. James Crowley told Boston radio station WEEI. “Whatever anybody else chooses to do in the name of the city of Cambridge or the Cambridge Police Department which are beyond my control, I don’t worry about that. I know what I did was right. I have nothing to apologize for.””

In my opinion and experience, Sgt. Crowley, yes you do have something to apologize for. This is not a case of ‘if the public would just straighten up, we would be fine…’

Just an aside – why did they take the word of someone who obviously did not know who lived in that house that it was being broken into?
In this case, the police (or at least this officer) are part of the problem.

Yes, I support the police and their mission. Just quit dealing in dualistic thinking.

I have been told (recently, by multiple conservative friends, relatives, and in-laws) that there are ‘plenty of people who want to work’ if I don’t want to ‘do the job.’ Sgt. Crowley, the door is over there.

Beyond Troubling: The Obama Administration and Habeas Corpus

Like Rafe, I am concerned because “[o]ne of the biggest reasons I supported Barack Obama was the stand he was willing to take as a candidate against the worst excesses of the Bush administration in prosecuting the war on terror. As such, it is incredibly disappointing to me to see that as President, he is not living up to the principles he espoused before the election.”

I’m not quite ready to queue up Same Old Wine, but I’m feeling a bit tarnished.

Then there’s this from Glenn Greenwald at Salon:

An emerging progressive consensus on Obama’s executive power and secrecy abuses
It is becoming increasingly difficult for honest Obama supporters to dismiss away or even minimize these criticisms and, especially, to malign the motives of critics. After all, the Obama DOJ’s embrace of many (though by no means all) of the most radical and extremist Bush/Cheney positions — and the contradictions between Obama’s campaign claims and his actions as President — are now so glaring and severe that the harshest denunciations of Obama’s actions are coming from those who, during the Bush years, were held up by liberals and by Obama supporters as the most trustworthy and praiseworthy authorities on these matters.

Furrfu! Gotta pass that health care reform or it’s gonna feel like a wash.

Lori Lipman Brown on The Colbert Report Tonight

This came in from the American Humanist Association folks:

Tonight, humanism and secular thought will be in the spotlight on Comedy Central’s The Colbert Report, one of America’s most popular television shows. Stephen Colbert will interview Lori Lipman Brown, director of the Secular Coalition for America, an alliance that includes the American Humanist Association. From her office at AHA headquarters in Washington DC, Lori has worked tirelessly to defend the rights of nontheists and the separation of church and state. Now her message, and ours, will reach millions of mainstream Americans, particularly young people.

So tune in tonight. In most markets the show will air at 11:30pm / 10:30c, but check your local listings.

We know Lori and Paul from when they grew up and lived in Las Vegas some time ago. Good people and a good message.

FISA — Fifth Time’s a Charm

One of the few things I care vehemently about in this stupor and fatigue-inducing election cycle is the reauthorizing FISA and the issue of retroactive immunity from prosecution for telecos that illegally cooperated with warrentless spying on the American citizenry.

This came in from DfA today, it is slightly edited:

Tuesday may be our last chance to stop senators from voting to pass the so-called FISA “compromise” bill.

There is still one person who can stop this bill: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Call Senator Reid right now and demand he pull the FISA “compromise” bill which will lead to retroactive immunity for telecommunication companies who spied on Americans.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid
Washington DC: 202-224-3542

If the DC number is busy – Try reaching his district offices:
Reno Office: 775-686-5750
Vegas Office: 702-388-5020
Nevada residents can call toll free: 1-866-736-7343

May I suggest saying something like:
“I’m calling to ask Senator Reid to use his power as Senate Majority Leader to pull the FISA “compromise” bill from the floor which will ultimately grant retroactive immunity to telecommunication companies who spied on Americans.”

This is it. We have stopped President Bush from getting his way and letting AT&T and Verizon of the hook four times.

It is up to us to stop it again.

I’ve been real kind and not entered anyone’s names in those myriad “now let your friends know” boxes.