Game of Thrones TV Fan Theory Spoilers for GOT 6:5

Suppose that ‘time travel’ in Game of Thrones/ASOIAF is the kind where you can’t actually change anything (no free will) but merely fulfill what has already and always happened, but it seems as though our actions are willful rather than pre-destined?

My latest thing: Ned’s son Brandon Stark is Bran the Builder. He did these things in the past in response to events we see currently unfolding. From the GOT wiki Bran the Builder character entry (emphasis added):

“Bran the Builder was a legendary member of the First Men from the Age of Heroes, the founder of House Stark, and the first King in the North. Many famous structures are attributed to have been built under his direction, hence his nickname of “the Builder”, including Winterfell and most famously the Wall, which according to legend, he raised with the aid of giants. <...> According to legend, he advised Durran during the building of Storm’s End *when he was just a boy*. He’s also traditionally attributed to having granted the Gift to the Night’s Watch, though Maesters argue that it must have been a different King in the North also named Brandon.”

It’s has already happened, we have the incorrect perception that actions can affect them. “Are we are playing parts set in motion generations ago…?” (Tyrion paraphrase) In this scenario, yes…

Whadda ya think?

Browser Rendering Problems? A Possible Solution

Daily KOS hasn’t been rendering correctly in my version of Google Chrome for some time and I’ve been wondering why. Especially since the site rendered fine in Safari and Firefox. I finally figured out that I needed tell the HTTPS Everywhere* to leave Daily KOS alone. Voila! Site renders fine now. So, perhaps this will help you figure out why a certain site is misbehaving in your browser of choice,

*HTTPS Everywhere is a Firefox, Chrome, and Opera extension that encrypts your communications with many major websites, making your browsing more secure…

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my observant Christian readers out there!

Pretty partisan for this Zen-ish Buddhist but for most of my readers, it’s appropriate. Happy Newtonmas to some of the rest of us. My (now very secular) Jewish ancestors on my father’s side will forgive me, I trust…

Looking at 60

It isn’t happening for 50 weeks, but the onrush of the big-SIX-OH is hard to dismiss or ignore. The 50’s haven’t been so great being populated mainly with layoff, underemployment, and then long-term unemployment. Lots of things have happened during that time; relocation to Colorado, Chapter 9 after the 2008 ‘Great Recession’, falling off the water wagon, climbing back on said water wagon, a disastrous experiment with working for a big-box retailer (kill me now!), and on-going serious introspection and re-evaluation, occupationally, personally, and in terms of my relationships.

So follow along, there will be links, comments, and some old school blogging along the way as well…