Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my observant Christian readers out there!

Pretty partisan for this Zen-ish Buddhist but for most of my readers, it’s appropriate. Happy Newtonmas to some of the rest of us. My (now very secular) Jewish ancestors on my father’s side will forgive me, I trust…

Looking at 60

It isn’t happening for 50 weeks, but the onrush of the big-SIX-OH is hard to dismiss or ignore. The 50’s haven’t been so great being populated mainly with layoff, underemployment, and then long-term unemployment. Lots of things have happened during that time; relocation to Colorado, Chapter 9 after the 2008 ‘Great Recession’, falling off the water wagon, climbing back on said water wagon, a disastrous experiment with working for a big-box retailer (kill me now!), and on-going serious introspection and re-evaluation, occupationally, personally, and in terms of my relationships.

So follow along, there will be links, comments, and some old school blogging along the way as well…

Some problems here

For some time I’ve been trying to get ahold of who runs Cornerhost where this site and others are hosted. I can’t FTP or or do any of the other protocols to access my sites. The control panel at won’t send messages and his email addy has a full mailbox. Help?

New Tech Stymies (Apparently) Old Man

Well, it had to happen. I bugged Comcast/Xfinity long enough about the sucky connectivity at the Blivet Hacienda ver. 3.0 that they sent us a new cable modem/WiFi/internet device via UPS. Today I jousted with the dragon that is improved speed to no avail. I did manage to change the default password to thwart various unidentified hackers (doubtless sympathizers of who know what splinter group) and then it never resolved. I wanted their router to act like a bridge as before, but no… FRACK.

I hate you, technology.