Friday the 20th

Not nearly as snappy as ‘Friday the 13th’ but ya run with what ya got. Wednesday past was the average last frost day for our area on the Front Range and both of my outdoor weather station sensors reported temps in excess of 90ºF. I think it is going to be a long, hot Summer. Some gardens are in, especially the Russians here in Little Minsk. But they always seem to have about a 4-week jump on the rest of us. I’m not going with any full season plants this year, just ‘micro greens’ and some herbs. I’ve had such bad luck with full season plants (>90 days to maturity). We have a growing season of about 125 days but my tomatoes don’t ripen and my corn ears don’t mature. But my basil from two years ago (none last year) kicked major butt. So, that’s the direction for this year…

What about your gardens?

The Arvada Community Garden Is Officially Open!

Hope springs eternal in the hearts of gardeners. I think we have one more hard freeze so I’m holding off on tomatoes until probably Mother’s Day. But the herbs, onions, and cabbage, along with bee and butterfly friendly flowers are on deck. Three sisters (maize, beans, and squash) coming in about two weeks. I need to build some mounds first. I think I will put a small fish in each mound just for good form.


A busy evening of math and social studies homework is starting to wind down. The math wasn’t too hard, but Ian thought it tedious. His social studies homework is to illustrate the five themes of geography (location, place, human/environment interaction, movement, and regions) using screenshots from things he has constructed in Minecraft. Still haven’t done his 20 minutes of reading or practiced the bass…

Mid-90s today. Trivial compared to the old life in Las Vegas but toasty for the front range. Weeds are still virulent in the garden while the tomatoes are huge and still green. WTF?!?

Garden Plot Ready, Check

Spent a good part of yesterday’s 70°F afternoon turning soil with a potato fork, adding amendments, hoeing the eager late winter weeds, and leveling the plot in general. Today it is mid-30°s with a forecast of possible snow/precipitation. Go ahead Ma, for once, we’re ready!

Into The New Year…

The furnace was down overnight but Aaron Heating was out first thing and we’re back up to 60º F. It never got lower than an indicated 51º F. Sweet! Our relatively minor (compared to east of the Mississippi River in N.A.) cold and snow has lingered, leaving the streets semi–clear except for those patches of black ice to keep you on your toes…

Ian resumes school tomorrow after the long break. I predict wailing and teeth gnashing.

I’m investigating using a shelf in the Arvada Gardeners green house for starting some veggies two to six weeks before the typical ‘last frost’ around Mother’s Day. That means I get to actively peruse those seed catalogs yet again! 🙂

Garden Musings

My local nursery, Timberline Gardens, is open again after their end of the year hiatus. They were putting out their seed starting supplies so I got to browse through lots of kinds of seed trays, peat plugs, starter pots, and other stuff. Lots of ideas with enough time to get things organized. We’ll see how long that lasts!

First Day of 2014

Well, here we are in 2014. A light dusting of snow and little wind made the day very pleasant though unproductive. I was going to go over to the community garden and put a couple of wheelbarrows of fresh compost and a bale of straw on my plot but opted instead to look at heritage seed catalogs. So many possibilities and only a 12 x 22 foot plot!