La, La, La! It’s My Birthday!

OK. So, I am 56 today, más o menos, and I’m wondering (because I strongly suspect) is the arena of freedom just around the corner? Man, I hope so… I just wish my son was older, so I could be a bigger burden… /kidding!/ [no, not really] I think we could adopt an MBA lawyer type child (~30) who wanted to support us. Like in Costa Rica. We’d be cheap, really…

Happy 2011!

Today is is the n+1 birthday of my very good friend – dating back to childhood – James Lusk! Happy Birthday James! Sorry I missed your call, I’ll try on Monday…

Rafe Puts It Better Than I Could…

I do think about things, really, I do. It would seem, however, that I’m not writing about them much anymore. Susan has reoccupied 2020 HIndsight and Dave didn’t see his shadow on Groundhog Day. We welcome their return to whatever this space is being referred to these days.

Me? I shall try to do better.

Meanwhile, Rafe has been on a roll of late, most especially with The Republican fundamentalists and [t]he political version of the bike shed discussion. I encourage you to go have a look. Rafe is succinct and spot on.

Eight Years Ago…

My son Ian is eight today. Wow, that went fast! It seems doubly strange to stand the weblog-thing beside my son. I think he looks better! [Than the blog.]

It seems like just yesterday… The event was covered by this blog and even made the “Top 100,” which was a page ranking system prior to Technorati, which I think is also gone.

Hrmph, that’s making me feel older. 😉

[I just finished baking two dozen cupcakes for his party tomorrow. 🙂 ]

Phone Calls Are a Very Poor Substitute

I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with my childhood best (and arguably, just flat out best) friend on the phone tonight. Politically, it is likely that he is as opposite to my 1960s ‘liberalism’ as can be. Yet we seem to get along wonderfully. Perhaps because we really do not speak of such things.

And that is almost certainly for the best and a necessity that we not speak of such things, as I love him dearly.

I must make it back to that high ground between the Marais des Cygnes River, 110 Mile Creek, and Dragoon River valleys sooner than later.