Any Programmers/Coders in The Front Range Area of Colorado?

Are any of you or do any of you know of someone who works as a programmer / coder / whatever in the Denver, Boulder, or Colorado Springs area that we could schedule a job shadow for my son who is a freshman at Wheat Ridge High School in Wheat Ridge, Colorado?

He is most especially interested in being a gaming programmer (of course) but I think anyone who does programming would be a great experience for him at this stage. Thanks in advance!

The End of Eighth Grade

Ian has one more day at North Arvada Middle school. I’m shadowing him today at school he is currently in his ‘Advisement’ class which is kind of a free time thing. I’m in the office lying low, cruising under the radar. We have a session with his math teacher after school to make sure we’re caught up and ready to close out the year. This is the last of his seven classes we need to double-check on. Then he should be finished with Middle School and on to High School.

Does that send a chill down anyone else’s spine when you utter that phrase, “No, he is in High School now…”?


A busy evening of math and social studies homework is starting to wind down. The math wasn’t too hard, but Ian thought it tedious. His social studies homework is to illustrate the five themes of geography (location, place, human/environment interaction, movement, and regions) using screenshots from things he has constructed in Minecraft. Still haven’t done his 20 minutes of reading or practiced the bass…

Mid-90s today. Trivial compared to the old life in Las Vegas but toasty for the front range. Weeds are still virulent in the garden while the tomatoes are huge and still green. WTF?!?

At Home East of the Divide

We seem to have settled in for a bit here in Arvada, CO with all the visible residency tokens acquired, such as Colorado driver’s licenses, car tags, voter’s registrations, school enrollments, etc. We are vocational opportunists having fled the dystopia that is the Las Vegas occupational landscape.

For now we are roosted at my in-laws which is of course more than fine with Ian, occasionally less so for his parents. Audrey has started her new job and is excited about it. Imagine, finally working directly in the field you got your doctorate in! Well done, Sweet.

At nearly 57 I find that I simply cannot longer tolerate living in southern Nevada where it is reliably well over 105°F (often >112°F) for eight to ten weeks at a time. But that may just be me. I do love the Mojave Desert, however. Other good things, all of our sinus problems have – at least temporarily – disappeared and for whatever reason, I no longer need my CPAP. Layla has a yard with grass to frolic in, although the cats are not particularly happy. “We fear change.” Yes Garth, I know.

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I’m in Denver, CO!

I’m here with Ian at his Grandparent’s house for the Thursday wedding of the flowergirl from Audrey and my wedding in 1997. Katie is now a college edumificated woman off on her own teaching school in Alaska. I’ll be returning to Nevada on Sunday while Ian will be here until the first week in August. Do I miss 114°F+ temperatures in southern Nevada? Not one freakin’ bit. [It was 115.6°F today.]

Thus far, we’ve been to the Leonardo daVinci exhibit, Da Vinci Machines, and got to see my fellow Anthro gradual school alumni, Claudia Woodman for the first time in like, three years. Hi Claudia!