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Just in case anyone is still following the Bosnian pyramids [the background is getting stranger, though it is still ‘nonsense’ (a technical term edited for our occasional PG rating)], the Flores “Hobbit” (not a new species) and the ‘Chinese discovery’ of North America in 1421, I have a (very) brief update on the last.

This came over the electronic threshold a bit ago…

Considerable new material has been added to the website including:
Gavin Menzies Cartographic Fiction: The Case Of The Chinese “Discovery” of Australia – Associate Professor W.A.R. (Bill) Richardson
Walrus Pitch & Other Novelties: Gavin Menzies & the Far North – Kirsten Seaver
1421 and all that Junk – Emeritus Professor Victor Prescott
Fathoming the Unfathomable: Even Leviathans have Limits – Dr. Stephen Davies, Museum Director Hong Kong Maritime Museum
Did the Chinese Circumnavigate the World in 1421? or Why Menzies’ 1421 Won’t Sail – Captain P. J. Rivers, FRGS FNI MRIN ACII ACI Arb, Master Mariner
1418 Map a Fake – Dr. Geoff Wade
PLUS – the full transcript of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s 4-Corners documentary “Junk History” in which Menzies, his agent, and the publisher reveal Menzies did not write the book!
AND – an expose of Paul Chiasson’s “The Island of Seven Cities” completely refuting his claims. This includes aerial photos from 1931, 1947, 1953, 1969, 1975, 1984, and 1993 which show the gradual development of the features identified in the book as fire, roads, and geological exploration take their toll on the area. Articles by Andrew Hanam, an expert on the area, and Lynn Baechler, who actually carried out the geological exploration, detail the events. 16 photos of specific features, showing their recent origin, provide clear supporting evidence.
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And look, not one mention of politics! 🙂

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blivet – 2004/03/18

Turning The Tide #

Noam Chomsky blogs. [wood s lot]

"The Panda’s Thumb" is many things… #

Many pointers to this weblog "dedicated to defending the integrity of science against all attempts to weaken it, distort it, or destroy it" today…

""The Panda’s Thumb" is many things…

First, it is an example of jury-rigged evolutionary adaptation made famous by the late Stephen Jay Gould in an essay of the same name. Second, it is the legendary virtual bar serving the community of the legendary virtual University of Ediacara somewhere in the Ediacaran hills of southern Australia, growing out of the lore of the Usenet newsgroup. And now it is a weblog giving another voice for the defenders of the integrity of science, the patrons of "The Panda’s Thumb".

Much as in any tavern serving a university community, you can expect to hear a variety of levels of discussion, ranging from the picayune to the pedantic. The authors are people associated with the virtual University of Ediacara (and thus the newsgroup), and various web sites critical of the antievolution movement, such as the TalkOrigins Archive, TalkDesign, and

So, here’s a virtual pub crawl that you might actually learn something from. We hope you find your time spent here pleasant and rewarding." [The Panda’s Thumb]

blivet – 9/24/2001

The seven-part PBS series Evolution starts tonight. As always, check your local listings for broadcast times.

A big Thank You goes out to Joelle Silverman Miller who came here via Dori’s link at backup brain and sent us a wonderful email about BabyStuf˙.

An alliance of world weary webloggers standing honourably and intelligently together. glad to be a conscript…