Mozilla will be Communicator 6.0? I’m confused! Link from slashdot.

Tom Landry, Famed Coach of the Cowboys, has died. My mother is greiving. Story at Yahoo News, CNN.

Musician Screamin’ Jay Hawkins dead at 70 in Paris. Link from Yahoo News.

The Shuttle crew begins the data acquisition for the most detailed 3D maps ever produced from space. Read more at NASA, CNN, Yahoo News.


Alexandra DuPont Interviews William Gibson [Ain’t It Cool News]. Great interview. He actually got to talk about his writing.

Oklahoma throws out textbook evolution disclaimer

A requirement by Oklahoma’s textbook committee that state science textbooks include a disclaimer against evolution has been thrown out, a spokesman for the state’s attorney general said Thursday.

Now if my home state, Kansas, would follow their lead. From CNN

From the "Bye bye, Miss American Pie" dept:
February 3, 1959 – a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa, claimed the lives of rock stars Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson. "the day the music died"

Huge dinosaur’s neck bones unearthed in Texas. from CNN