when you’re feeling out of step …

there’s only one thing to do.

fire up ‘macster’ or ‘napster’ and download gene kelly performing ‘singing in the rain’ …

whenever i’m asked who i wished i could grow up and become, i always answer the same … gene kelly or danny kaye. they were always smiling … the world always seemed brighter when they were onscreen.


[Reuters] Breath tests may help diagnose schizophrenia. “Breath tests and skin patches could become standard tools to help doctors diagnose and treat schizophrenia, researchers said on Tuesday. … The experiments showed dramatically increased levels of ethane and butane in the breath of diagnosed schizophrenics.” This could add a new twist to the ole’ breathalyser … No sir, you’re not intoxicated. However, there is someone I would like you to speak with about something else …

Rafé notes that Salon has an article discussing gross historical inaccuracies in The Patriot. If you’re going to mix history and fiction you should label it as such – fiction. Gibson seems to be doing this more frequently, in addition to playing up the demonizing of the ‘enemy’ in previous films like Braveheart and now The Patriot.

Susan wants to drive the Mother Road. Audrey stopped at the Route 66 museum in Oklahoma a month ago on her way to do her Geology Field Camp. We’ve been talking about a pilgrimage too. Route 66 went through the heart of the Mojave. Flagstaff, Arizona – don’t forget Winona, Kingman, Barstow, San Bernardino …


[CNN] Titan A.E.: “Ever-imperiled Earth hangs in the balance in ‘Titan A.E.'” I’m hoping that this will be good enough to go see…

Lark Farm/Mike’s Weblog: “The Slide Rule Universe.
An outfit that buys and sells slide rules … they also have a lot of info on the history of these classic instruments and instructions on how to use them if you happen to be lucky (or crazy) enough to own one.” I’m looking at my Dad’s 24″ K+E #N4081-5 he used in college right now. It’s ivory (I think – and I feel bad about that) with bamboo cores. It (and two others) usually live on a high shelf beside the Moroccan tar drum I got during my ‘Mickey Hart’ phase, the Millennium Falcon model Audrey gave me, and the fedora my great-uncle bought in 1942. (I’m an archaeologist, you know I’d have to have one somewhere.) “Until I bought your mother’s ring, that was the most expensive thing I had in my life.” Of all the things I have of my Dad’s, this has his essense. I think its beautiful, perhaps because it so reminds me of him. Update: I’m still carrying it around two and a half hours later. I thought some more about it. I think everything else I have of his is Dad-stuff and family-stuff. This was his, from when he was just Jim. Before anybody called him husband or Daddy.

EditThisPage friends: I really like this place …

The slide rule pages get Al reminiscing about model rockets and “The Magic Years”. Good stuff, good stuff. That was a time of magic. Anything was possible. I guess it still is …

Sheila: “So now begins my great Birthday weekend.” Happy Birthday on Sunday, Sheila!

array: garret’s latest missive from the road.

More heat forecast for today. Sorry to sound like I’m obsessing, the heat somewhat defines my life right now. I’m either in it, or recovering from it. Update: Thank goodness for the passage of the fifth day of the work week. A) sleep in, B) no hole digging in 106°F+ heat, C) did I mention sleeping in?

I’m off – with electrolytes in my system and in my pack.


Part 4 of the Indiana Jones saga? Harrison Ford says he wants to do it. In a perfect world, Karen Allen would return. Read about this latest scuttle at Excite/E! Online. [archivist– lost link, sorry] They have a script already, all that really needs to happen is for everyone’s schedule to align for the project.

Ralph Nader is going to run as the Green Party candidate for President. . [CNN]

Today is the day for the Windows 2000 release.

Wired has a great take on the ‘people who use the internet are socially isolated’ non-study that everyone seems to be talking about.

An obscure university study, but a study nonetheless, reveals that Americans who have dogs spend the time with their dogs instead of said time watching TV, visiting with friends, sleeping, going to movies, surfing the Internet, and doing nothing.


Quote from MacCentral: "Jobs announced a new iBook, a new 500 MHz PowerBook — the fastest Portable ever — and a new line-up of Power Mac G4’s with faster processors running at 400-, 450-, and 500-MHz.". There is bound to be continuing news at MacWeek, MacInTouch, MacAddict, and of course from the Mothership. Now a 500 MHz G4 running LinuxPPC 2000 would be something!

The German Remote Sensing Data Center has a website for the current Shuttle mission. They’re posting current photos here. Its a bit of a slow connection, at least from where I am, even over a cable modem. Its well worth it though. I saw this at slashdot.

American Beauty was nominated for eight Oscars, more than any other film. The categories included best picture, best actor for Kevin Spacey, best actress for Annette Bening and best director for Sam Mendes. CNN, Reuters. I really enjoyed American Beauty when I saw it in the theater after I got over my inital pedophileophobic reaction. No, that word is not in the lexicon. I have yet to see Sixth Sense, so I can’t really say which way my opinion would go for best picture. The South Park movie was a best song nominee.

Eazel. If names like Andy Hertzfeld ring a bell perhaps you should have a look. Thanks to Dave and Wes. I agree with Wes, Hertzfeld working on GNOME is very interesting.

Still more Shuttle news: At the midpoint of the mission NASA will be able to determine if there is enough fuel for the remainder of the mission. CNN, Reuters.

The Jargon File is up to version 4.2.0 and is available at jargon.org. Thanks to slashdot for the info.

Intel’s Willamette chip demoed at 1.5 GHz. Demos are one thing because of course it hasn’t shipped yet and it will be a while before the price is reasonable, but hey, at least they’re showing it. Motorola, wherefore art the 1+ gig G4s? CNET, Wired, Reuters.

Microsoft will introduce the Mac version of Internet Explorer 5 at Macworld Tokyo tomorrow (Wednesday). It will reportedly be available in mid-March. From MacNN.


Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Jack Dykinga has teamed up with naturalist and writer Janice Emily Bowers to tell the story of the smallest U.S. desert in their new book, Desert: The Mojave and Death Valley. From CNN Book News This is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Yes, I’m biased

BBC News, and others are reporting that EMI and Warner Music are planning a merger. Soon there will be no more little guys anywhere

There is a new Alertbox Saying No: How to Handle Missing Features

John Anderson talks about his fear of dentists over at genehack. I share this phobia. Dentists terrify me! As a result I have a third-world mouth.

I saw this at BradLands – The Movie Review Query Engine

Incompetent people have no clue that they are. What is more interesting to me is that extremely competent people tend to believe that more people are competent than really are. This could explain a lot of things.

It was great seeing Karl again. After the initial awkwardness, we settled back into the banter of old friends. Time is just a comma in the sentence.

In another moment from the past, Terry called last night. He moved back to Idaho 10 years ago and we haven’t spoken for a couple of years. Lots of difficulties in Terry-Land. We talked for about four hours. He had a lot to pass along so I did more listening than talking. I love him like a brother. There’s nothing I can do for him except be his friend. Perhaps that is enough, he certainly didn’t ask for advice or “help”, but it still feels like its not enough.


I expect there will be more Kenniwick Man news, as well as more on Microsoft …

I’ll be your teaching Assistant …

I'll be your teaching Assistant …:

I saw this on slashdot:

The Matrix is now the focus of an introductory philosophy class at the University of Washington in Seattle. According to Sci-Fi Wire, instructor David Nixon based the class on the philosophical themes and religious archetypes of the film. Nixon got the idea after seeing the film five times in theaters and realizing that it served to illustrate such concepts as perception, the mind and free will.


Went to see Fantasia 2000 with Audrey and SirDeath. I recommend it highly.

With a DVD in the house I finally got to see The Matrix. Keanu Reeves plays the Enlightened One. Again. I love this movie!

Microsoft Certified Professional Action Heroes! Jump into action with Dan, Kim, and Nate your desktop buddies! Neato! Even if they didn’t include my favorite, TGIF Joe. Almost as cool as the Intel bunny-suited figures. </sarcasm>

General Science

January 20, 2000. The year’s first full moon will also be a total lunar eclipse in North America. MSNBC has the story.
“The moon will enter the penumbra, the lighter, outer part of Earth‚s shadow, at 9:03 p.m. ET.”


Went to a matinee of GalaxyQuest today. Even if you’ve never seen Star Trek and have no identity as a fan of the show(s) or Gene Roddenberry’s universe, I think you’ll appreciate this movie, its really fun. Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Tony Shalhoub, Daryl Mitchell, Enrico Colantoni, Sam Rockwell, Missi Pyle, and some others who, I apologize, I can’t remember the actors names, are great. Everyone seems like they’re having fun, the special effects aren’t overdone, and tag line jokes aren’t overdone. I really enjoyed this movie. can you tell?
The Internet Movie Database page on Galaxy Quest is here.

What would it be like to live in the Star Trek universe Gene Roddenberry created? I’m talking about the original series universe and as it was revised during the early part of ‘Next Generation’ while Gene was still alive, not the later stuff. Fanboy stuff I know. I suppose I should say I’m a big fan of Babylon 5, Star Wars, and science fiction in general. really?

The Mondays in this Millennium seem to resemble the Mondays in the other Millennium a great deal. 🙂

Don’t forget to visit the Hunger Site and click on the ‘Donate Food’ button.

Thanks to John Martello, there is a new Warp Core as of Sunday 1/2/2000.

A delightful new Graphite iMac DV SE came to live here on Friday 12/31/1999. The fourth Macintosh (the fifth Apple) in the lineage here. sweet!

The fourth Macintosh (the fifth Apple) in the lineage here.

A Journey of a Hundred Miles…

The day is winding down, we put Mom on the plane back to her home about 6PM. I’ll have more on this later, it needs some zafu time.

There is some interesting stuff out there I missed today, being away from the computer. Like that is a bad thing or something. slashdot has an interesting discussion on Geeks, Geek Issues and Voting “For Americans: it’s high time we thought about who we want to run the country for the next 4 years. What kind of laws we would want passed…or repealed. Who would be the ideal “Geek Ticket” and why?” Wired has a story about the Ig Nobel committee’s list of the 20 most spectacular failures of the last century.

Apple has a “Open Transport Tuner 1.0” system patch available to address Denial of Service issues with MacOS 9 and certain Macintosh computers running MacOS 8.6. From the README:

     OT Tuner 1.0 switches off an option in Open 
     Transport that would cause a Macintosh to respond to 
     certain small network packets with a large Internet 
     Control Message Protocol (ICMP) packet. This update 
     prevents Macintosh computers from being the cause of 
     certain types of Denial of Service (DOS) issues.

This is for all users of Mac OS 9; but only for Mac OS 8.6 users with PowerMacintosh G4, iBook, and iMac (Slot-loading) computers.

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