Arthur C. Clarke, R.I.P.

My God. It’s full of stars!

The man who was the father of a thousand dreams, has died in his beloved, adopted Sri Lanka. Arthur C. Clarke was 90.

The Clarke Belt. Childhood’s End. 2001: A Space Odyssey. Too many stories, novellas and books to recall… There’s not a geek alive who does not have their own list of favorites.

All these worlds are yours, except Europa. Attempt no landings there.

Sigh. You will come close to immortality through your works.

You’re the star child now. Thank you, Mr. Clark.

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This Fanboy Gets a Christmas Present

Peter Jackson, who directed the Lord of the Rings trilogy, will serve as executive producer for The Hobbit.

Bilbo Baggins is finally progressing on his most fraught journey — landing a leading role on the big screen. After three years of legal wrangling and public sniping, director Peter Jackson and New Line Cinema have reached an agreement to make J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit, the prequel to the Lord of the Rings blockbuster trilogy that made nearly $3 billion at the box office and earned 17 Oscars. The Hobbit is Tolkien’s most accessible and popular book, a fairy tale about the reluctant adventurer Baggins, who embarks on a trip with 13 dwarves and the wizard Gandalf.

Jackson, who directed the Rings trilogy and inherited creative stewardship of Tolkien’s massive fan base, will serve as executive producer for The Hobbit with his wife, Fran Walsh. A director and screenwriter will be chosen in the New Year, when Jackson and Walsh meet with the studio heads. MGM, which owns the distribution rights to The Hobbit, will co-finance and co-distribute. (more)

I stopped paying attention when the post-Rings acrimony broke out between Jackson and New Line regarding the production of The Hobbit. This is likely old news to hard-core Ringers, but is great news to me.

I saw it in a sidebar whilst looking at Time Magazine’s Man Person of the Year story.

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Karen Allen in Indy 4?

This just in from Kevin:

“Indiana Jones. I always knew some day you’d come walking back through my door. I never doubted that. Something made it inevitable.” (…) Official word (and picture) comes down that Karen Allen is returning as Marion Ravenwood in Indy 4, which is definitely a welcome inclusion. Update: More pics, and a Comic-Con presentation rundown, here.

Wow, great news in the fanboy nation. Thanks, Kevin!

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We Went to See Surf’s Up and Other Stuff

We went to see Surf’s Up with Señor Ian this afternoon. Really a pleasant, fun movie.

Other highlights of the weekend include a playdate at the children’s trail at Red Rock Canyon with another 6-year old Aspie, lots of riding his bike (now without training wheels!), helping fill eight big trash bags with dead vegetation from the front xeriscape, going to Saturday morning social skills group, carrying the world’s most patient 13-pound cat around, and informing us that ‘dinosaurs are not extinct, you just can’t see them.’ A big weekend.

Then while getting ready for bed, the tooth that has been loose for over three weeks finally let go, so the tooth fairy will hopefully be stopping by while he sleeps. For those keeping track, that’s #2 to depart, the lower left incisor.

A GREAT weekend…