Garden Musings

My local nursery, Timberline Gardens, is open again after their end of the year hiatus. They were putting out their seed starting supplies so I got to browse through lots of kinds of seed trays, peat plugs, starter pots, and other stuff. Lots of ideas with enough time to get things organized. We’ll see how long that lasts!

First Day of 2014

Well, here we are in 2014. A light dusting of snow and little wind made the day very pleasant though unproductive. I was going to go over to the community garden and put a couple of wheelbarrows of fresh compost and a bale of straw on my plot but opted instead to look at heritage seed catalogs. So many possibilities and only a 12 x 22 foot plot!

The Dust Settles

After all that Christmas stuff, that is. Ian should never complain again but will — likely today — thanks to the generosity of his extended family and parents. There was the gathering at the titular homestead analogue in Parker, CO, now essentially southwest Denver.

Layla, our Siberian Husky mix rescue dog got to exercise her genetic imperative by running as fast as she could in the snow across hill and dale. She slept well last night.

We had a good day! However you observed it (Chinese food and a movie?) how was your day?