NASA confirms that rocks found in Mojave Desert are Mars meteorites. Read the CNN story. Hmm, I’ll have to keep a lookout for rocks with a "dark fusion crust." I wonder how many I’ve walked past?

Happy New Year The dragon has traditionally been considered the most auspicious sign on the 12-year Chinese zodiac — it is supposed to bring good luck. But this new year is even more special because it is also a "golden dragon" year, which occurs once every 60 years.

more info The Chinese New Year from New Year, and The Chinese Zodiac from

Today is Rosa Parks’ 87th birthday.


Happy New Year Everybody!

Its 4 AM (-0700 GMT) as I write this, and from the news feeds I’ve checked it looks as though Armageddon is a no show.

The techies and the essentially good nature of people come through again. To me, the 1990s seem to have been the decade of the erosion of credibility in most of the popular press. I’m sure the millennialists (is that a word?) will move onto the next benchmark for the end of the world, or perhaps they will just announce the collapse of society as we know it for a couple of years. Life is too short. “The greatest wonder is that every day death walks among us, yet we live as though we are immortal.” that is from the Mahabharata

What’s next? As Dave says, “Let’s Have Fun!”.

sorry if there are misspellings, I’m too tired to check right now.


Just like that R.E.M. song: “Its the End of the World as we know it” and I feel fine!


An apologetic Boris Yeltsin resigns; Putin becomes the acting Russian president – from CNN; NY Times story

Its over! The hostages arrive in India to an emotional welcome after being released – also from CNN

If you want to keep track of where the Y2K rollover has already happened, you can check UserLand’s Y2K Watch. Slashdot is keeping track of people’s postings about the Y2K Rollover around the world. Nothing much seems to be occuring, non-events rather than events. They also have New Years Resolutions From Assorted Nutcases.

To my family, loved ones, friends, and everyone: Have a safe and Happy New Year’s celebration! We’re going over to Heidi’s house for a Hawai’Ian luau, complete with tiki torches around the pool. Many of our friends will be there, we’ll have fun!. I have the perfect shirt!

And then a great calm descended…

GalaxyQuest is a movie I’d like to see. As a trekkor/trekkie from way back, I appreciate the spoof potential inherent in the franchise and it’s fan base. I guess I’ve cared less since ST:TNG went off the air, but still – I know (and love) these people.

“Windows 2000, the Early Years” from Wired
“A Microsoft Web site lists the publication date of three new Windows 2000 training titles as January 1900. Guess it takes awhile to learn.” if this isn’t a hoax or hack Microsoft should be ashamed. Give me Unix and Macs thankyouverymuch

What would Buddha do? CNN has a story ‘”WWBD”? Need advice? Try Moses, Buddha and the Bard’ on three books that distill their business wisdom. WWBD? I think that is covered in the eight-fold path.

The retrospectives continue in print and on TV. The ‘Best of …’ quadruple-bucky of Year, Decade, Century, and Millennium is really causing my eyes to glaze over, with the exception of TIME’s selection of Albert Einstein: Person of the Century. I have been in Las Vegas for 15 years and I suppose that nothing should phase me anymore, but I find myself thinking fondly of a rural setting. Perhaps a cabin in the woods, completely out of touch. Oh yeah, you’d love that, Mr. ‘just a second, I have to check my email’. There would be footprints on the ceiling in twenty minutes.

That longing has nothing to do with Y2K fears, I just feel a bit inundated.