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OSX 10.5 slips to October

We’re riding so far back on the CPU train (800MHz in the 1st gen flat-panel iMac, 1st gen 12″ AlBook), I no longer think we can see the engineer. This delay will allow us to ride in the 10.3.9 car a bit longer without support for our favorite apps evaporating.

Apple delays Leopard; iPhone on schedule
Apple Inc. said Thursday it pushed back the release of its new operating system, Leopard, until October from its target date of June.

I suspect that even if Leopard would run on either of our 2 Macs, it would be happier on newer hardware. I’m guessing much happier. The iPhone, while interesting, ain’t going to be happening around here, so that’s just data.

Bandwagon Backup for iTunes

Bandwagon logo

Bandwagon is a new server that backs up iTunes music libraries from your Mac to Amazon S3 for a flat rate.

It should be noted: By posting this, they’re giving me a one-year account for free.

We’re up to a couple hundred gigs of music and podcasts at the blivet hacienda, so backup to DVD has not been an option for some time. With the price of huge hard drives coming down, I should start looking at a RAID. More importantly, Audrey’s dissertation data (mostly satellite files from the Mars Orbiter and various Earth orbiters) is already filling a 500 gig drive [a LaCie d2]. Mars needs more storage space!