blivet is 10!

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

It should not go unnoticed here that we began publication of this fine weblog just over ten years ago, on the 23rd.

There are a great many other, finer weblogs out there that also began just over ten years ago at the EditThisPage service.

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I am the non-admin personality of blivet tool & die I have been academically trained as a professional archaeologist (MA, RPA) and now live in Arvada, CO. Father, husband, scientist, geek of several trades, and high-functioning Autistic adult. Future planetary expatriate?

4 thoughts on “blivet is 10!”

  1. Congratulations! We can now sit on our virtual front porches, point fingers at the whippersnappers and complain with appropriate weblogging gravitas.

  2. Happy belated blog-day!

    And a happy 2010 to you and yours. Hmmm…shouldn’t we be in space with John Lithgow by now?

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