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Matt at Once I noticed I was on fire … has got a handle on how rough it is being a visionary savior nowadays. I mean, I can’t explain the stress that comes from making vague predictions and finding acolytes willing to polish the jewel-encrusted blivetmobile in these Nevada summers.

[Reuters] Naked cricketers caught out by British police

[UniSci] History Of Constipation Highlights Medical Exploitation.

“Right now we think bran is good for us because of what scientists are telling us,” he [the author Whorton] says. “If you are eating bran today you can understand why people in the early 20th century reacted the way they did under a barrage of advertising about constipation and autointoxication.”

Whorton focuses on constipation in the United States and Great Britain in the late 19th and first half of the 20th century because the literature was more accessible and because the two countries were rivals at claiming to be the most constipated.

It is a serious study, and to me, points out how these arcs of attitudes persist over generations. I remember a great-Aunt who was just obsessed with everyone’s BMs. Mom! Aunt Julia asked me about my #2 again! Make her stop … Kellog’s Corn Flakes was part of a 19th century ideal in certain circles of activating the bowels and suppressing the libido for maximum health. The more you read about it, the more you see the undercurrents and eddies in our present culture.

Still not sure if this is present today? Two words: High Colonic.

[If You’re Interested …] The Challenges of Integrating the Unix and Mac OS Environments. via Cam

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View from an Iowa Homestead: You might be a Dutch Calvinist if: Oh, I think the Swedish variety who administered my youth were amateurs, closer to the Norwegian variety Garrison Keillor talks about than the Dutch. Still, 75% strongly applies. Pretty darn true and funny. I’ve watched relatives leave restaurant tips like that when I was a kid.

Susan points out yet another neat thing about Manila. Thanks!

Hey, all you Manila users! Wanna get a retrospective look at what you’ve been up to with your site this month? Check out your Topics list. (the URL takes this form: But do it today or tomorrow, cause on July 1, the list goes back to nothing!

Later, she added what sounds like a Graduate Student’s lament:

Uh oh, time to go over copyedits for another chapter. In addition to lots of whimpering, it’s gonna take chocolate and whiskey and profuse foul language to get me through this process. What I want to do is to throw glass objects–hard–against solid surfaces, and listen to the crash-tinkle-tinkle.

John has an excellent list of people who are using weblogs to teach, points to Geoff Allen at Washington State who is teaching UNIX System Administration and using a weblog.

Having recently been through the fires in New Mexico around and at Los Alamos, plus with Brent and Sheila in Seattle, garret noticed a story about the current fire near the Hanford Nuclear Facility. What’s in common? Mr. Plutonium, who is not your friend, coming downstream. So, where’s the next fire … Rocky Flats (Colorado) or the Nevada Test Site? Either way it’s my In-Laws or us. On another completely tangential note (except that it’s on array too) Similar to garret, I use a reel mower. Its quiet, a bit of a workout, and decidedly not a part of the cul-de-sac ethos…

The Hazard Area Revisited theme looks good Al. Hang in there.

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