I’ll see you all tomorrow. I’m actually going to walk away from the computer and histograms, contingency tables and who knows what else, and go recreate, be social, and talk to people face to face. I don’t know if you remember the Far Side cartoon of ‘Early vegetarians returning from the hunt’ with a group of spear brandishing hunters bearing a giant carrot on their shoulders into camp. No? Anyway, I’m going to head to Boulder City where Kelly & EG live and rendezvous with a bunch of other Archaes, grad students of the geological and archaeological persuasion, Bluegrass fans, Dead Heads, Buddhists, Pagans, lapsed Catholics, and probably a few who are pretty normal, and we’re going to barbecue, talk, laugh, and have a great time I’m sure. I’ll be the one dragging the giant carrot. OK … just walk away from the computer … NOW

He who hesitates is lost. The last time I did a whois and checked on and, they were still available. Today I see that MailBank is sitting on those as well.

Thanks Jeff, I just wanted to be sure … I’m constantly reminded with how easy-going folks are in the weblog community It is a group thing …

You can get a lot of thinking done behind the wheel. garret begins that process of recovering those thoughts and insights and lets us in on a couple of things that he wants to share. Good stuff, thanks …

… how can a metropolitan area retain local flavor and accommodate national chains? is there a way to make high-speed rail service more cost-effective, to eliminate the overabundance of truck traffic on the interstates? the noise in metropolitan areas! my ears ring. on and on … the mind percolates. there has to be a way to modernize, to approach our future with enthusiasm, but with space for the aesthetic, the human, the child.

many things crossed my path. it’d take me a year to get ’em all sorted and in logical order for presentation. my grandmother gave some tennessee down-home wisdom for keeping bugs off of plants …

Matt reminds me of some things about Cope and Marsh I had forgotten, the gun battles and back stabbing treachery — over fossils. I’m looking for a good general text on Paleontology now. I smell a story being written … What we have around the blivet hacienda is dated: Principles of Paleontology by Raup and Stanley (Freeman 1978), The Practical Paleontologist by Parker (Bernor, editor) (Simon & Schuster 1990), Fossils and the History of Life by Simpson (Scientific American Books 1983) and lots of popular books by Horner, Bakker, Lessem, and others. For the more current stuff there’s the class notes and journal articles, in boxes, filing cabinets, milk crates, and stacks and stacks and stacks. It seems a personal quest, to exemplify a career studying stratigraphy by creating one of your career … God help us when we move. Oh sweet Mother, I forgot about the stuff in the garage. Matt, I’ll have to look further (farther?) for a good text …

I noticed pointers to some good resources at G E N E H A C K:weblog:

A couple bibliography related links, jake, a database of journal names and abbreviations, and dblp, a bibliography database resource. Both culled from recent discussions on the Pybliographer mailing list.

Reading up on Manila and trying things out …

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  1. Remember this episode, when Brent over at Inessential ended up in the Emergency Room? I suspect your reaction might be more like his…(wink)

    Seriously, that’s the highest compliment anybody can pay me, in my mind. When my step-father asked me to take care of him before and after his open-heart surgery, I doggone near plotzed. Didn’t realize that the old man set such store in me; I thought he tolerated me for my mother’s sake and not much more.

    Thanks, Hal.

  2. You’re welcome Al. If I’m ever in a situtation like that I want the elite strike forces. Those people who have a direct connection between knowledge and what need to be done. I really don’t want to hear someone say “is that the pointy one?” as they rummage through instruments.

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