David Rogers at Time’s Shadow: The Next Economy reminds us of something that I think is easy to forget as we listen to the murmurings about economies old, new, and next – especially in an election year… “I agree that government often does make mistakes, but government, at least in this nation, is ultimately accountable to the people. Corporations are accountable only to their stockholders, ironically, under the law.” he’s also reading Vernor Vinge, who I haven’t picked up in a while (when was the last time I did some recreational reading…?) and even read the last essay. Thanks for the link David! I must read your site more often (and contribute to the discussion too). Too much on my plate. Smaller helpings, smaller helpings.

Al has some good pointers to information about post-concussion syndrome and sleep apnea. Two things that we’ve been dealing with this year, without adequate knowledge. Well, what must be sleep apnea for longer than that. Let see “Dry mouth. Drowsiness through the day. Feeling “drugged” after what should have been a long, restful night of sleep.” 22 years?!? I’m checking with our ‘health care providers’ tomorrow about sleep disorders. Thanks again Al! You’ve taught me a great deal about helping in a short time. gassho

array: “we got here (east coast) in a record two and a half days” garret’s on the road and I suspect a bit worn… Its good to hear from him though.

Thanks Susan!

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