blivet – 5/8/2001

I met with my thesis advisor for four hours today. I’m there. The statistics work, the null is rejected. I’ve already written this part up three times, only to watch it crumble as problems with the methodology or data were uncovered. This time I’ve waited for that joyous advisor phrase, ‘yeah, you got it’. A couple of weeks of hammering ought too it – i imagine slightly more than 100 pages of text total (sans figures, tables, and graphs). I need to write about 25-30 pages. Then it’s time to dump it into PageMaker and ‘sign ze papers’. Piece of cake.

I have no idea where this phrase came from but it always seems to fit. Now that you’ve got the first 80 percent done, you only have to do the last 80 percent.

David Singer is going to accompany his son Jeffrey’s class to Space Camp. I think there should be an adult Space Camp. I’d go! ‘Mr. Rager, you’ve been in there long enough. You need to let the children try the Lunar landing simulator…’

Just in from the site, 11:30 and it’s 97°F. Yep, it will start getting warm soon…

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