blivet 2000/03/01

[CNN/ENN] Little ice age holds big climate clues. "Now that we have documented a quick climate change in the past, there is no reason not to believe it can occur in the future," said Paul Schuster, a hydrologist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Boulder, Colorado.

Previous climate data revealed that a centuries-long cold snap ˜ the little ice age ˜ ended in the mid-1800s. But scientists had not documented how quickly the cold spell ended. This research is reported in the Feb. 27 Journal of Geophysical Research..

Up early, hard to stay sleeping when the cat keeps walking on your head. I love that cat. Except when…

[Warp Core] A Week of Revelations and Awareness I really enjoy reading John’s writings. I probably flatter myself, but I like to think that we’d get along well and have good conversations.

I was reminded of how little time we really have here on this planet to make a difference … I was reminded of responsibility … I was reminded of real, physical talent and its joys … I was reminded of real, physical talent and its joys.I was reminded of real, physical talent and its joys … I was reminded that what one group of minds can conceive of, another group can duplicate, extend, or completely replace in the market place … I was reminded that anything we can dream, we can do … I am reminded about my relationship to the planet and how the mutual synergy between us fuels my creative spirit.

[WebFaust] Money, Blood, and Dust by John H. Farr. "How many buffalo could you kill without spooking the herd? That’s a gross oversimplification, but still one of the images that comes to mind when I read about the massive wealth generated by Internet entrepreneurs." Good stuff about giving back to the community, especially if you’ve received bazillions from it.

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