blivet 5/12/2000

I spent a big hunk of the evening with some Archae buds. We hadn’t touched base with each other in a couple of weeks. The discussion was far-ranging and comfortable — knowing you’re accepted – that it’s not conditional. I told them about the events in our webworld, of fires and graphics and community, and a place to call your own inside this magic box with a wire attached to it. It really didn’t interest them but they knew it did me so they listened attentively. We also talked about catching fireflies as kids, watching storms build on the high plains, John Hartford and steamboats, and how we didn’t know what we would do if we couldn’t do archaeology. We listened to Patsy Cline and The Clash, Santana and Louie Prima. We are all so rich, all of us. Whether we have met or not.

I pleasantly browsed my friends weblogs. 🙂 The effect is strangely calming, strange only because it is people I don’t know face to face. It was that way back on Genie and CompuServe as well, with disembodied friends. Back in the pre-Internet days.

I’ve been remiss in reading many of the weblogs I usually frequent, I miss contact with these people like I miss contact with friends here in town. Among them are View From The Heart, array, Hack the Planet Prime, A Curmudgeon teaches Statistics, backup brain. Others I can’t remember the URLs for and so can’t list right now <DOH!> Tonight. I promise my friends, tonight. Right now I have an appointment with my cushion …

Thanks to Al over at View From The Heart for the kind mentions – please bear in mind that anyone who quotes The Mahabarata and Babylon 5 is probably just soft in the head … nice zeldman icon though, I hadn’t noticed that one. Hmm, Zenarchy

[MacWeek] Corel kills WordPerfect for the Mac. In a move that stuns no one, Corel (finally) officially kills what was once the best general purpose Macintosh word processor. Of course that was four years and two owners ago, in internet years that’s when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

It’s strangely calm in the desert this morning. I overslept, which seems to happen after we get wind. My sinuses react from the dust and I just feel thick, both mentally and physically. Today is the last day to prepare for Monday’s celebrity fest and the kickoff for Archae Week is this Sunday. Much to do today and I lost my usual hour and a half of reflection before things get going. Everything is just as it should be. It always is… its just a matter of seeing it that way. I must go. Have a good day wherever you are. I’ll post later.

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I am the non-admin personality of blivet tool & die I have been academically trained as a professional archaeologist (MA, RPA) and now live in Arvada, CO. Father, husband, scientist, geek of several trades, and high-functioning Autistic adult. Future planetary expatriate?

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  1. OK, I’m getting some sort of server error. I’ll try and free it up tomorrow after the maintence. I’ll email you when it’s done so that somebody doesn’t snarf it up after I let it go!

  2. OK, I may need some guidance or hints on how to do that. Where (and what) in my prefs should I set?

  3. Al,

    I’m a little slow sometimes. I just realized that you must have the zeldman.arat icon associated with View From the Heart and that feature in the upper right corner of Scripting News! You were fortunate and quick enough to get that one during the ‘great zeldman icon landrush’ serveral weeks ago. What would you use now to associate with VFTH? You have more presense in the Edit This Page community and I think it is only appropriate that you retain that association, though I thank you profoundly for you generosity and kindness in offering. You’re a good man Al.

  4. I have other icons. Besides, it tickles my fancy that zeldman.arat go to a Buddhist priest.

    Let me know if you need help getting the icon associated with your name. It’s done in the prefs section of the, under “other advanced stuff”.

    It is there for you to claim now. Go forth and enjoy.


  5. Thanks Al, I think I got the prefs set correctly. I had forgot they were over on the weblogs prefs. I must have gone through all the editthispage pref screens three or four times looking for that setting. I finally decided I was very confused. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


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