blivet 5/1/2000 Beltane

Today is Beltane, or May Day, if you prefer

The day the Green Man and his consort the May Queen get together. Got your bonfires built?

[GPS] Selective Availability (SA) will be turned off. According to the White House Press Release the United States will stop the intentional degradation of the Global Positioning System (GPS) signals available to the public beginning at midnight tonight. ¡FINALLY! My archaeological and cartographic life just got a LOT easier. So did a lot of other people’s. I think I first saw this at slashdot.

Jim over at have browser has set a goal to lose 70 pounds in the next year. He is 1/52 of the way towards that goal. Go Jim! You can do it! Not that I have any issues in this realm or anything.

[dissent magazine] Rick Perlstein reviews THE LAST INNOCENT YEAR: AMERICA IN 1964: The Beginning of the “Sixties” by Jon Margolis in The Textual Vibe. link from array

I remember 1964, in some cases vividly. I’m not sure the last innocent year wasn’t 1963, perhaps that’s just when I began to sense that things were coming apart. I was 9 in rural Kansas and I could tell things were changing. I remember arguments the adults would have downstairs about the war and politics and ‘those damn kids’. The circle of friends my parents were in began to change. I just remembered some kid’s names that I haven’t seen since then. The last time I saw them was just before their parents slammed the door as they stormed out of our house. His dad’s parting shot was “I forgot you were one of those guys that went to college. I can’t believe you work for our Government!”. It took me years to put that one in context. At the time Kansas had voted for the Republican presidential candidate more consistently than any other state. I lived in Osage County which had voted Republican more consistently than any other Kansas county. I don’t remember being lonely but I found out years later that my Dad sure was. People can be so strange sometimes.

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