Quote from MacCentral: "Jobs announced a new iBook, a new 500 MHz PowerBook — the fastest Portable ever — and a new line-up of Power Mac G4’s with faster processors running at 400-, 450-, and 500-MHz.". There is bound to be continuing news at MacWeek, MacInTouch, MacAddict, and of course from the Mothership. Now a 500 MHz G4 running LinuxPPC 2000 would be something!

The German Remote Sensing Data Center has a website for the current Shuttle mission. They’re posting current photos here. Its a bit of a slow connection, at least from where I am, even over a cable modem. Its well worth it though. I saw this at slashdot.

American Beauty was nominated for eight Oscars, more than any other film. The categories included best picture, best actor for Kevin Spacey, best actress for Annette Bening and best director for Sam Mendes. CNN, Reuters. I really enjoyed American Beauty when I saw it in the theater after I got over my inital pedophileophobic reaction. No, that word is not in the lexicon. I have yet to see Sixth Sense, so I can’t really say which way my opinion would go for best picture. The South Park movie was a best song nominee.

Eazel. If names like Andy Hertzfeld ring a bell perhaps you should have a look. Thanks to Dave and Wes. I agree with Wes, Hertzfeld working on GNOME is very interesting.

Still more Shuttle news: At the midpoint of the mission NASA will be able to determine if there is enough fuel for the remainder of the mission. CNN, Reuters.

The Jargon File is up to version 4.2.0 and is available at Thanks to slashdot for the info.

Intel’s Willamette chip demoed at 1.5 GHz. Demos are one thing because of course it hasn’t shipped yet and it will be a while before the price is reasonable, but hey, at least they’re showing it. Motorola, wherefore art the 1+ gig G4s? CNET, Wired, Reuters.

Microsoft will introduce the Mac version of Internet Explorer 5 at Macworld Tokyo tomorrow (Wednesday). It will reportedly be available in mid-March. From MacNN.

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