blivet 4/15/2000 First pull up, then pull down

First pull up, then pull down

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[ArsDigita University] "Our goal is to offer the world’s best computer science education, at an undergraduate level, to people who are currently unable to obtain it. <…> For our distance-learning programs, there are no admissions requirements. They are available to anyone anywhere in the world at any time. " With faculty like Philip Greenspun, Mark Dettinger, Tina Kapur, John Pezaris, Rajeev Surati, and Edward Tufte. So, what DO I want to be when I grow up? Thanks to Wes for the link.

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garret, keep RINSING! Ow, ow, ow, ow.

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My wife has been infected with ‘flagstone fever’ whose symptoms include, but are not limited to, an overpowering desire to get rid of some of the water sucking grass next to the driveway by digging it up and replacing it with some sort of rock, flagstone, pavers, … something. So we’ve been out looking at rock places and nurseries. Apparently none of the ornamental rock for sale comes from around here. If you take a geologist and an archaeologist out rock shopping and they want rock ‘from around here’ they are going to be hard to satisfy. ‘Nope, not from around here’, ‘nope, not like the stuff I’ve scraped my skin off on at all’. Trust me, we know if its local or not. This stuff isn’t even regional. I suspect ‘Hecho en Mexico’. Nothing wrong with that, we’re just looking for local lithos.

This is the perfect time of year in the northern Mojave. The nights are comfortable, the days are pleasantly warm without being sweltering, many of the native annuals and perennials are in bloom. Its just nice.

Lots of talk about ‘has the Internet stock bubble burst?’. So are the people thinking that it has proposing that the ‘net phenomenon’ is over and there will be no more dot coms? I don’t think so, but I’d stay with infrastructure or hardware rather than content providers IMHO. It sounds like there will be some more selling next week, so it might not be a buyers market, yet. But will be. Long term this is a blip, a ‘consumer confidence’ problem. Of course, this is not financial advice, just my opinion. and remember, I’m an archaeologist, not a financial planner. Anyone who thinks otherwise should start taking their medication again.

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