Lunar Colony Could Go Up Soon — on Earth
The city council of Hesperia, in the Mojave desert 50 miles northeast of Los Angeles, voted in January to plan to build the world’s first lunar colony, but they will skip the tricky part of going to the moon to do it.

American Southwest Could Be Facing 10-Year Drought
It’s too soon to know for sure, but some climate experts suspect we’re shifting into a new phase of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO). This is a long-term Pacific sea temperature and sea surface pressure pattern. If these climate experts are right — and it may take another 10 years of data-gathering to settle the question — the American Southwest could be poised at the beginning of a drought that could last 10 years or longer…

Saw this at BBC News. Space Imaging, the company that operates Ikonos, will point the satellite at an area you request and have the image e-mailed to you within a day.
Orbital Imaging Corp, Earthwatch Inc, Space Imaging

Scopes ‘Monkey Trial’ papers in question following college fire

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