blivet 2000/03/27/ Goodbye to Burnt Rock

[Mac] Internet Explorer 5.0 is out. Version Tracker will have the most current URLs for downloading. I downloaded it, but probably won’t have a chance to have a look until this weekend. I haven’t even got to play with Photoshop 5.5 yet.

[Burnt Rock after work]
It is strangely saddening to see lots of soil going back into our trenches at Burnt Rock. I’ve grown attached to this piece of Mojave Desert and feel somewhat paternal towards it, I want whoever lives there to know what is below them. I want them to feel proud to have this spring below their home. Tomorrow is the last test pit (#14), the last chance to take yet another sample, the last chance to get whatever piece of information we’ve neglected to. This is the first hunk of the Mojave I’ve felt really connected to. Time for a little detachment methinks.

I’ll take Wednesday as comp time and then dive into some profiles for the Little Spring House at the Preserve.

[Salon] Keep a Web journal, get fired.. or worse. I don’t think I’ll get that kind of response from my workplace.

[Burnt Rock before work] Today is the last day for fieldwork at Burnt Rock Mound. <sigh> At times its been tiring, more of the time it has been exhilarating, the whole time it has been interesting. It has also been interesting how the community, both of professional archaeologists and the citizens of the Las Vegas Valley have been interested. I wore my Las Vegas Springs Preserve ball cap to CompUSA yesterday when I went to get the update to the Mac version of Photoshop 5.5 (I didn’t want to try to get my hair under control). The Apple salesperson stopped me to ask about Burnt Rock and the Preserve. “You’re the guy in the trench, right?” We’re on the community radar. Cooool

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