Happy New Year Everybody!

Its 4 AM (-0700 GMT) as I write this, and from the news feeds I’ve checked it looks as though Armageddon is a no show.

The techies and the essentially good nature of people come through again. To me, the 1990s seem to have been the decade of the erosion of credibility in most of the popular press. I’m sure the millennialists (is that a word?) will move onto the next benchmark for the end of the world, or perhaps they will just announce the collapse of society as we know it for a couple of years. Life is too short. “The greatest wonder is that every day death walks among us, yet we live as though we are immortal.” that is from the Mahabharata

What’s next? As Dave says, “Let’s Have Fun!”.

sorry if there are misspellings, I’m too tired to check right now.

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