I saw both of these at slashdot:

Two New Zealand scientists think they can explain one of the great mysteries of the natural world – ball lightning. from BBC News very coool

This is a real one and it looks like it could affect everyone

CERT® Advisory CA-2000-02 Malicious HTML Tags Embedded in Client Web Requests
A web site may inadvertently include malicious HTML tags or script in a dynamically generated page based on unvalidated input from untrustworthy sources. This can be a problem when a web server does not adequately ensure that generated pages are properly encoded to prevent unintended execution of scripts, and when input is not validated to prevent malicious HTML from being presented to the user.

long day, late update. My wife received a concussion in a classroom accident at school yesterday (2/1). She’ll be OK, but I’m a bit preoccupied.

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