China may launch a man into space next month. [BBC News]

Scientists Find Origin of AIDS
Researchers using a supercomputer say they’ve traced the AIDS virus back to around 1930, much earlier than the disease was previously thought to have originated. from Wired, CNN

Mars Lander Disappoints … Again
Scientists hoping to detect a signal from the Mars Polar Lander come up empty handed. Last week’s presumed peep from Mars goes unexplained. from Wired

Vonnegut in critical condition following fire [CNN]
Novelist Kurt Vonnegut is in critical but stable condition Tuesday following a fire in his home Sunday. I’ve read most of his books. Claudia maintains that one of the professors in the Anthro Department is Kilgore Trout.

Federal DNA tests planned on Kennewick Man remains
"The federal government has decided to perform DNA testing on Kennewick Man, the 9,000-year-old bones that have prompted a legal struggle between a group of scientists and Pacific Northwest tribes who claim the remains as an ancestor.
Dr. Frank McManamon, chief archaeologist for the U.S. Department of the Interior’s National Park Service, yesterday announced that his agency will try to perform DNA testing on the bones as part of the government’s effort to determine if Kennewick Man can be linked to any modern Native Americans." from the Seattle Post Intelligencer

Historic Reno hotel demolished A loss for preservationists. Reno, like the rest of Nevada, wants its yokel politics and politicians and a sophisticated image at the same time. It doesn’t fly. Even Las Vegas is almost beginning to wake up to preservation issues. from CNN

Experts Urge Big Firms Back Depression Study "Specialists from the United States and Hong Kong on Tuesday urged businesses and governments to allocate more funds to research into depression — which they described as the "cancer of the 21st century"." Look into the eyes of your friends, or perhaps the mirror. Granted, depression is almost a given in grad school, still, it seems endemic. from Yahoo Daily News.

SF great A.E. Van Vogt, 1912-2000. A good comment at slashdot "let’s think about where we want science fiction to be going". Perhaps I’m just getting too long in the tooth, but I can count the current authors I follow on one hand. Something seems to be missing. More information on Van Vogt’s career here and here.

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