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“Humility is achieved more easily when you look at what you’ve just created and realize that all you have to do is change the labels on the ideas and you’ve got something that someone else already thought of.”
–John VanDyk [View from an Iowa Homestead]


Dave, Alwin and Doug have all seemed to have good luck with the move to 10.2 (X.II?). I’ll go ahead and order it since we’ll get it as part of the purchase of the new iMac.

Grad School II

Audrey survived her encounter with the GRE. The new (to me anyway) computer-based test tells you your score immediately, thus eliminating the six weeks of score anxiety following the several hours of exam anxiety. “Why when we took the GRE, we had to wait for months to get our scores!” “Scores? You got scores? We just got rocks with little tiny scratches on ’em. You had to count them all to know what your score was! And we liked it that way!” [spelling edits]

Skull and Cactus Society

garret and Kevin Drennan are climbing Santa Fe Baldy as I write this. They will be unconcerned about volcanic activity during their adventure. later:bloggers bag baldy, feed fauna and live to tell the tale!

On this day

It was a sunny morning in A.D. 79 when the volcano Vesuvius erupted and buried the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum.

The Visigoths overran Rome in A.D. 410, the event which now generally symbolizes the fall of the Western Roman Empire. I don’t know if it was sunny or not.

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