blivet – 12/12/2001

Another page flip at the 23rd hour…

I have a job interview on Monday for an archaeologist position at the Preserve. I’ve been working there as a ‘Temp Field’ since 3 January 2000. This is a pretty good position with vacation, sick leave, and health care. The pay is pretty exceptional as well. I’ll get a haircut, put on a tie, and the whole nine yards because I’m just one of the fish in the application pool.

Good email today:

In response to customer requests for continued support of Mac OS X, IBM AIX and Compaq Tru64 Unix for Alpha platforms, Research Systems Inc. (RSI) has announced that it will reverse an earlier decision to discontinue support for these three platforms in future releases of IDL and ENVI. For complete information on this announcement, please go to:

[corporate blurb] “ENVI, the Environment for Visualizing Images, allows earth scientists to easily process, analyze and display multispectral, hyperspectral or radar remote sensing data. Extendable to suit your requirements, ENVI is the most powerful, flexible and easy to use image processing software available.”

On top of that, it’s very cool software that Audrey uses. I hope some other companies reverse their decisions about Macs now that OS X is here. I mean, if you’re already supporting X Windows and Motif, why not? I guess we have to get that dual processor G5 when it comes out. Right honey? (ducking, running)

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