blivet – 11/8/2001

I was reminded by a thread on of mondegreens. You know, misheard song lyrics like that one from Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds, “the girl with colitis goes by”.

Lots of during and after work stuff going on, including some things that we were going to get done before the baby came. These include shampooing the carpet which is happening today and tomorrow. Thank Ghu, Audrey’s parents are still in town and want to pitch in. They have been wonderful.

I have no idea how you all are doing, I hope things are going well. No new memes here, just chopping wood and carrying water…

That baby Ian sure is cute though, he takes after his Mom.

Early note:
Traffic is always pretty strange on the way to and from work. I’m pretty used to being cut off several times on each trip. There are always several accidents. I live about five miles from the Preserve.

I try to imagine we’re all empty boats floating on a swift current. If I considered how dangerously these folks are driving, I’d be a basket case. Yesterday was just more surreal than most.

I hope you have a great day.

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