blivet – 10/31/2001

Audrey is giving Ian his last feeding of the day, last for a bit anyway. I need to hit the rack. Pax.

I just watched a rebroadcast of The Living Edens: Canyonlands, America’s Wild West on PBS. Wonderful photography.

This year’s Trick or Treater numbers were down about 60% here. All around there was not much activity. Somebody needs to take this candy outta here! Costumes didn’t seem very original tonight, a lot of Princesses and ‘Barbie Squad’ for girls, (the latter was new to me), while the boys were various ghouls and un-dead things. I thought the little ones were far cuter than last year, it must be that baby-itis that is going around. Ian was unimpressed with the whole affair. Go figure…

November’s Leonid meteor shower could be impressive. 2K meteors/hr! via wired

The United States can look forward to the most spectacular meteor show since 1966 — and it might be another 98 years before anything so sensational will be seen again. The Nov. 18 Leonid meteor shower will be “very impressive, rare and something that you’ll want to see,” said Peter Jenniskens, a research scientist specializing in the study of meteors at the NASA/Ames Research Center at California’s Moffett Field. “The August Perseids meteor shower, which normally gets the most annual astronomer attention, records a rate of about 80 meteors an hour, but this November’s Leonids will record a rate over 2000,” Jenniskens said.

No rain in the Las Vegas Valley, however, the air is crisp and clean˜very clean˜and smells delightful. It is a joy to be outside.

The full moon tonight is also a ‘blue moon’. That is when two full moons occur within a calendar month. It is also the last full moon on Halloween until the year 2020. Big juju could be afoot tonight… full moon stuff heard on NPR over lunch, Tonight’s big juju is just speculative.

Happy Samhain/Halloween!

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