attention (economy)

Hi and hello!

I’ve been reading and re-reading an interview in the German c’t with Michael Goldhaber on his therory about “Attention Economy”.

His thoughts fit 100% into the discussion about writing a weblog.

I’ll try to put into a few words the most memorable thoughts that I found in his words:

  • Money is no longer our main goal in doing things
  • What really counts for us is to be recognized, to be heard.
  • The new economy will not center on money, but on reputation, readership, credibility, etc.

This all ties in very well with FreeSoft/OpenSource and of course – WebLogs. The Hyperlink as sign of respect – and as form of payment?

‘To make yourself a name’. Isn’t that a great part of what our community here is about?

I for my part will openly embrace this new economy. It is far closer to what humans actually need and want.

Ok, and to keep in spirit with my words, come over to my place 😉