Another Conference

We’re in Salt Lake City, UT through the 19th for the 2005 Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Geological Society of America. No presentations or posters from either of us this year.

The GSAs are in the same convention hall that the SAAs were in the end of March, so I have a pretty good idea what Ian and I can do during the days. I think we’ll have a great time!

I imagine poor Dodger is getting really tired of seeing Dr. Liz on a daily basis (he is being boarded at her clinic). But, he gets his kitty juice (thyroid meds) twice a day just like he should. I’ll ask a neighbor to check the mail and watch for UPS deliveries, but I’m not sure I would ask anyone but a professional to squirt a syringe full of goo down my 15 pound tom cat’s throat twice a day. Yes, he still has all his claws and isn’t shy about using them.

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