And then a great calm descended…

GalaxyQuest is a movie I’d like to see. As a trekkor/trekkie from way back, I appreciate the spoof potential inherent in the franchise and it’s fan base. I guess I’ve cared less since ST:TNG went off the air, but still – I know (and love) these people.

“Windows 2000, the Early Years” from Wired
“A Microsoft Web site lists the publication date of three new Windows 2000 training titles as January 1900. Guess it takes awhile to learn.” if this isn’t a hoax or hack Microsoft should be ashamed. Give me Unix and Macs thankyouverymuch

What would Buddha do? CNN has a story ‘”WWBD”? Need advice? Try Moses, Buddha and the Bard’ on three books that distill their business wisdom. WWBD? I think that is covered in the eight-fold path.

The retrospectives continue in print and on TV. The ‘Best of …’ quadruple-bucky of Year, Decade, Century, and Millennium is really causing my eyes to glaze over, with the exception of TIME’s selection of Albert Einstein: Person of the Century. I have been in Las Vegas for 15 years and I suppose that nothing should phase me anymore, but I find myself thinking fondly of a rural setting. Perhaps a cabin in the woods, completely out of touch. Oh yeah, you’d love that, Mr. ‘just a second, I have to check my email’. There would be footprints on the ceiling in twenty minutes.

That longing has nothing to do with Y2K fears, I just feel a bit inundated.

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