An Open Letter to My Senator, the Honorable Harry Reid

Mr. Reid,

The Democratic caucus in the Senate now has *60* votes with the seating of Al Franken (D-Mn). That’s the mythical filibuster-proof majority. Let’s get something done now. When the other party was in a similar position, they do not seem to have hesitated to use that majority to enact legislation that did not seem especially bi-partisan.

Our country is in a economic crisis, we need new usury laws, single-payer health care, the approval of a Supreme Court nominee, funds to close Guantanamo, strong environmental laws and regulations, a myriad of other things, and essentially a return of the the ‘commons.’

It is now time to act, Mr. Reid. The Progressives and Democrats of America are watching.

Thank you for your time,
Hal B. Rager

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