All these worlds are yours, except Europa…

Ian and I are gearing up for another week on our own. Actually, I’m gearing up, he is blissfully unaware.

Audrey is getting ready to head out tomorrow for NASA Planetary Science Summer School.

WHAT: A one-week intensive team exercise learning the process of developing a robotic mission concept into reality through concurrent engineering.

The trainees participate in a team activity to develop a mission proposal, working with JPL’s Advanced Projects Design Team (“Team X”) and other concurrent engineering teams. Using JPL’s Project Design Center, trainees assume roles including principal investigator, project manager, and mission and system designers. They are mentored and assisted by corresponding JPL proposal organizers and Team X members. The team carries out the equivalent of an early concept study responsive to a selected NASA Science Mission Directorate Announcement of Opportunity, prepares a proposal authorization review presentation, presents it to a review board, and receives feedback.

WHEN: Session 1: July 25-29, 2005 (18 participants)

WHERE: Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA

WHY: To prepare the next generation of engineers and scientists to participate in future missions of solar system exploration.

As I understand it, their concept is putting a lander on Europa. (insert obligatory “Attempt no landings here” comment)

I am really proud of her. The only problem is, I just can not figure out how to make the transition from archaeologist to space scientist. 🙂

[ha ha only half-serious]

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