6,011 Years Ago*

Today it is also worth noting that the first day of creation began at nightfall preceding Sunday October 23, 4004 B.C. The anniversary of which would be nightfall yesterday. Or something like that.

* [(4004 + 2008) -1 = 5,999 6,011 Remember, there’s no year zero.] later: WTF’s wrong with my math skills? Sheesh.

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One thought on “6,011 Years Ago*”

  1. Do you get the sense that there are two kinds of people in the world? Those to whom 6011 years is an unimaginably long time, and those to whom its just an eye-blink in comparison to the age of the universe?

    I was having a conversation with a colleague this week who is intelligent and otherwise rational, but tends to be very conservative politically – not obviously foaming-at-the-mouth-palin-nuts conservative, just conservative. His entire take on the collapse of the US financial system was that essentially nothing had happened. After all, what changes in his lifestyle or the lifestyle of those around him could be observed? “Nothing is different” was his whole spin. He’s convinced that the entire thing will just be forgotten in a few weeks and it’ll all make no difference. He sees that only one bank (IndyMac) actually failed and everyone else just was bought or merged or whatever and so things will just continue on. He was completely oblivious to the idea of any lnger-term consequences. The idea that the economy was going to labor under the burden of hundreds of billions of additional debt due to the bailouts just never entered his mind.

    Conversely one of the reasons he’s convinced Obama is a poor choice for President is because he wants national health care. Both he and his wife are perfectly healthy right now and they both have good health plans from their current employers, so the near-term implications of paying a little additional taxes for health care are far more disturbing to him that the idea that some time in a to him distant future he may need health coverage and not have a good plan because he’s between jobs.

    He’s a good example of what I mean. He simply is incapable of believing in any amount of time longer than a few days, I think. Now that I’m thinking back on it, I once actually heard him say he didn’t believe in all of the scientific explanations for the start of the universe and evolution and the like because he just couldn’t believe anyone knew anything about something that was supposed to have happened that long ago. He’s convinced its all made up.

    This man is an otherwise talented engineer. I bet he’d buy the idea that the Earth is no more than 6,011 years old.

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