.500 Ain’t Bad

Great Ghu, I love reading good political blogs like Digby’s Hullabaloo. For instance:

Secretaries of Deference

by digby

Lambert points out something important relating to my post yesterday on The Aristocrats:

When Bush got all snippy with Jim Webb, George Will distorted the quote precisely to highlight Webb’s supposed lack of deference.

All the Beltway 500 code words–Civil, Dignified, Ungracious–for trashing Democrats and preventing them from saying what needs to be said have to do with Republicans reinforcing this fundamental aristocratic value of deference.

It’s the same deal with Civil, Moderate, and Bipartisan are also code words for reinforcing deference.

That’s why it’s important to mock, belittle, insult, degrade and make Republicans laughable at all times and in all conditions. These are all tools for eliminating deference from our political discourse.

Naturally, when we do this, the Beltway 500 clutches its pearls and calls us Shrill or Rude. That’s a good sign: It means we’re displaying the lack of deference appropriate a Democracy.

I think the single most sickening example of this phenomenon was the mewling and puking on the part of the Washington establishment over the revelation of an extra-marital affair by one who never understood how to behave in the company of his betters. The way they told it, Washington DC is just like Bedford Falls, Zuzu’s petals and all, upholding the values of mom and pop and McDonalds 2-for-1 apple pies — an aristocracy of small town kids who just happen to be millionaire insiders in the capital of the most powerful nation on earth. (much more)

And so it continues, time after time, some of the best commentary on progressive politics and the goings-on related to Washington D.C. I really look forward to half of what appears there. Baseball fans revere the last man that batted .500.

Since November 7th I have had such an emergence from my emotional chrysalis I can only sing the praises of people like Digby and David Neiwert and Atrios and Josh Marshall and (and too many to enumerate, really) that display such wonk-like behaviors.

Happy Last Day of the 109th Congress!

disclaimer: I received no money or considerations to say these or any other things about any of these blogs, I just like what they do.

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