The Arvada Community Garden Is Officially Open!

Hope springs eternal in the hearts of gardeners. I think we have one more hard freeze so I’m holding off on tomatoes until probably Mother’s Day. But the herbs, onions, and cabbage, along with bee and butterfly friendly flowers are on deck. Three sisters (maize, beans, and squash) coming in about two weeks. I need to build some mounds first. I think I will put a small fish in each mound just for good form.

It Is Raining Apple Blossoms

The Crabapple tree out front blossomed in a big way two days ago. A cold front with associated winds is moving in from the northwest-ish causing the blossoms to swirl around outside easily visible from both the front and rear windows of the apartment. Now I want to plant lots of apple trees. :-)

Dave Winer Releases Open Source ‘MyWord Editor’

Scripting News: “Last week I said we’d wait to open up MyWord Editor for use by everyone until it was fully silo-free. Today the wait is over. We’re ready to begin a journey, that hopefully will add new life to the open blogging world.

A shot in the arm for the open web. A way for JavaScript developers to collaborate on a new fun project. A way to escape from the silos that threaten to turn us into commercial robots, consumers and promoters, when we aspire to be thinkers and doers.”

A Beautiful Day

It is so lovely here on the Front Range today, sunny and 63ºF at 10 am. Too much Spring too early? Things are starting to bud, this can not be good with so much snow and cold left to come in February. Heard that rains in the Mojave (Mojave! Oh, my Mojave!!) should result in a bloom similar to the one in 2005, which was the most spectacular in a generation. Will try to make it to Maroon Bells this year. Hopefully it will be good.

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all my observant Christian readers out there!

Pretty partisan for this Zen-ish Buddhist but for most of my readers, it’s appropriate. Happy Newtonmas to some of the rest of us. My (now very secular) Jewish ancestors on my father’s side will forgive me, I trust…

It Was 15 Years Ago

On this day in 1999 I tried out Dave Winer’s EditThisPage software, designed for (mostly) non-techies to enter the infant blogging movement and named my blog ‘blivet.’. I’ve met a number of people I consider friends over the years and have been fortunate to meet several of them in person. I performed the marriage of two of them which is one of my favorite moments.

Fifteen years later blivet continues on another platform (WordPress) and I host it myself. We’ve watched the ‘war bloggers’ come and go as well as the various streams of vandals, goths, and carpetbaggers attempting to monetize whatever this ‘space’ is. I’m sure there will be more trends as blogging gets rediscovered yet again.

Happy Birthday, blivet tool & die, and happy birthday to all of us from that time! And whether you’ve been along for the entire ride or this is your first time here, WELCOME! Here’s to the next 15!