Memorial Day, 2019

Once I knew the reason for Memorial/Decoration Day, I did not feel as festive as many that seemed to view it primarily as a reason to have a raucous three-day weekend and perhaps get involved in an alcohol-related personal watercraft accident. All of the male relatives of my parents’ generation served in the military in WWII or Korea, and thankfully, all returned home relatively unscathed. They gave ‘some’, so are really not the subject today.

Today is for those that gave ‘all’.

I join you in thanking them for their sacrifice, I hope we deserve it…

blivet is 19

On this day in 1999, I tried out Dave Winer’s EditThisPage software, designed for (mostly) non-techies to enter the infant blogging movement and named my blog ‘blivet’. I’ve met a number of people I consider friends over the years and have been fortunate to meet several of them in person. I performed the marriage of two of them which is one of my favorite moments. So, Happy Birthday, blivet tool & die, and happy birthday to all of us from that time! And whether you’ve been along for the entire ride or this is your first time here, WELCOME! Here’s to the next 19!

Central Banks Versus the People | The Nation

Income inequality should be the primary issue of our time except that our climate is the only issue that matters.

The post–Great Recession economic “recovery” was largely reserved for the few who could participate in the rising financial markets of those years, not the majority who continued to work longer hours, sometimes at multiple jobs, to stay afloat. In other words, the good times have left out so many people, like those struggling to keep even a few hundred dollars in their bank accounts to cover an emergency or the 80 percent of American workers who live paycheck to paycheck.

Source: Central Banks Versus the People | The Nation

The Marxist Pop-Culture Theorist Who Influenced a Generation | The Nation

I love (not) Rob Arcand’s little snipe “blogging (then a thriving practice in 2003)”. I have never heard of any of these folk and I was fairly connected to blogging back then. I mean, I remember when Steve Gillard was white and Digby was a man (thank you driftglass). So, bite me, Rob Arcand, thanks for reminding me how unhip I have always been…

Started in 2003, k-punk began as a low-stakes way for Fisher to return to what he loved about writing after finishing a PhD [sic]at the University of Warwick; unlike the rote, and sometimes draconian, demands of academia, blogging (then a thriving practice in 2003) fostered an intimate community of like-minded readers for Fisher, including well-known experimental musicians like Kode9, Tim Hecker, Holly Herndon, and the Caretaker. “In near real time, k-punk wrote about a world in flux, and continues to demonstrate how with artful wit, compassion, and a lot of good music, we might be able to invent a better one for each other,” Herndon recently shared with Crack magazine. “We are all still catching up to [Fisher’s] vision.”

Source: The Marxist Pop-Culture Theorist Who Influenced a Generation | The Nation

Goodbye, Facebook…

Sensing the ‘net, garret signal boosted Kevin Bankston’s post: Want to stop info of yours from going out over Facebook’s API? and I followed the instructions therein.

By opting out of Facebook’s The Platform I can no longer share my blog posts as a Facebook posting. After a bit, I decided that was just fine.

“So I got that goin’ for me, which is nice” —Carl Spangler Caddyshack