Host shopping

I’ve not been able to log in to my hosting company,, since they upgraded over a year ago. I can update this blog and have downloaded my data files but can’t manage email domains, ftp files, or any of the other stuff you might like to do having you own remotely hosted domains. So, , if you’re out there there, let me know. ‘Cause I’m shopping around.

Medals of Honor, Long Overdue

I just turned the tv on and see the Medal of Honor being awarded to 24 servicemen from the Vietnam, Korea, and WWII era who were never considered for the award despite their valor and heroism because of their ‘color’ or religion. The military is correcting this, today. May the rest of our society follow this example. Now please excuse me, I’m having feelings and stuff…

Garden Plot Ready, Check

Spent a good part of yesterday’s 70°F afternoon turning soil with a potato fork, adding amendments, hoeing the eager late winter weeds, and leveling the plot in general. Today it is mid-30°s with a forecast of possible snow/precipitation. Go ahead Ma, for once, we’re ready!

New Tech Stymies (Apparently) Old Man

Well, it had to happen. I bugged Comcast/Xfinity long enough about the sucky connectivity at the Blivet Hacienda ver. 3.0 that they sent us a new cable modem/WiFi/internet device via UPS. Today I jousted with the dragon that is improved speed to no avail. I did manage to change the default password to thwart various unidentified hackers (doubtless sympathizers of who know what splinter group) and then it never resolved. I wanted their router to act like a bridge as before, but no… FRACK.

I hate you, technology.

Into The New Year…

The furnace was down overnight but Aaron Heating was out first thing and we’re back up to 60º F. It never got lower than an indicated 51º F. Sweet! Our relatively minor (compared to east of the Mississippi River in N.A.) cold and snow has lingered, leaving the streets semi–clear except for those patches of black ice to keep you on your toes…

Ian resumes school tomorrow after the long break. I predict wailing and teeth gnashing.

I’m investigating using a shelf in the Arvada Gardeners green house for starting some veggies two to six weeks before the typical ‘last frost’ around Mother’s Day. That means I get to actively peruse those seed catalogs yet again! :-)

Homemade Squash Soup

I had picked up a couple of butternut squash and an acorn squash from the supermarket just before Christmas to make some soup but was down voted by the menu police for the extended family gathering. Poo! So Audrey made it today. Nom!! Didn’t purée it but I think it’s better rusticá, country style…

now that Bodhidharma has come to the mountains, he found that Coyote was waiting here, too…