Still here

I’ve been distracted of late and not posting here at blivet. I’ve resolved to return again, again. Besides, blivet turns 15 on December 23, 2014.

Homework time with Ian

One of my great pleasures has become the time I spend with Ian while he does his pre-Algebra homework. It has been great watching him learn and grow as he learns the mental discipline of practicing skills, whether they be math or bass guitar. Provided he is in a good mood. Which he is. For now…

Make it Stop…

Today is mid-term Election Day and we have been inundated with ads here in Colorado. Supposedly more ‘outside money’ has been spent here than anywhere else in the country. I’m tired of it, sick and tired of being bombarded with ads.

I turned in my ballot almost two weeks ago and most of the political snail mail stopped but not TV ads and certainly not the carpet bombing of political emails.

We are not even turning on the tv tonight. Somehow, I think we will be hearing about the results. For weeks.

A Complicated Anniversary

Today we observe the anniversary of the CIA’s 1973 Chilean coup as well as the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers in New York, NY, USA.

Is anyone else besides me *really* tired of hearing the phrase “Homeland’ used to refer to the USA? I mean, it just creeps me out with the similarity to ‘Fatherland’. You know…?

now that Bodhidharma has come to the mountains, he found that Coyote was waiting here, too…